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Contact Lenses offer a life changing alternative to spectacles.

The advancements in contact lenses now allow so many different ways to correct your vision, whether you have astigmatism or both distance and reading requirements with your lenses. There are many different options in the contact lens market and we work with leading brands including Johnson&Johnson, Alcon and Coopervision to make sure you are getting the best comfort, eye healthy and vision with your contact lenses.


Contact Lens Fitting and Aftercare

We will teach you how to insert and remove the lenses safely, and the proper care regime to follow with them. It doesn't matter how long it takes you to learn the technique of insertion and removal, we have made it a personal challenge to be able to teach every single person how to how to use them! Go on, give it a try!
Once we have successfully fitted you with contact lenses we will see you annually for an aftercare appointment, to make sure you're always getting the best from your contact lenses.

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